September 6 October 4, 2008

Schomburg Gallery is pleased to present paintings and drawings by Karla Klarin.

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Artist Statement
In this new group of oils and drawings my passion for our landscape continues, but in an increasingly abstracted direction. I'm interested less in the structures themselves, than in how they, and we, occupy our landscape.

My use of paint is intentionally loose and non-literal, suggesting rather than describing. The resulting paintings must surprise me or I destroy them and start over. I walk the line between representation and abstraction.

A new subject in my recent paintings is the seascape. I have lived close to the Pacific Ocean my whole life and in these new paintings I have found a way to depict its constantly changing geometry.

One of my Navajo rugs hangs in my studio. I absorbed its zigzagging design for years until it appeared in my seascapes as zigzagging waves. For me, geometry is beautifully inherent in everything, whether the city or the ocean, it's just a matter of finding it with paint.

Karla Klarin
August 2008