Opens November 14, 2009

Schomburg Gallery is pleased to present paintings by Sally Lamb.

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Artist Statement
I titled this show "Light and Shadow" because it is the overriding theme running throughout every image portrayed. Those last rays of sun falling on any given subject, sometimes bright, sometimes hazy. Along our coastline, sun is often mixed with fog, softening the edges of forms and creating an overall glowing warmth to the scene.

The landscapes are of places I have studied over many decades. Returning to a place time and time again, brings a distilled understanding through familiarity. I paint what has been marinating in my mind for a long while. The viewer may see only the place, but I see a part of my life. Ultimately, I paint visual diaries about parts of my life and the people, relationships and events that are personal to me. It has kept the process of painting a fresh and exciting adventure.

The botanicals in the show, are the result of becoming completely enchanted, some years back, with the Brugmansia flower. In particular, the white double blossoms, that curl with long tendrils twisted and dancing in all directions. I have painted the leaves semi-transparent to show the muted ground underneath, in contrast to the bright afternoon sun which falls across the smooth full curves of the flower.

-Sally Lamb