metaflora too

March 10 through April 7, 2007

The Schomburg Gallery is pleased to present David K Thompsonís most recent work, the "Metaflora" series of serigraphs.

In these prints, Mr. Thompson has adopted a vocabulary drawn from nature to explore several different themes. In particular, the prints explore boundaries between representation and abstraction, searching out ways in which these two nominally contrary visions may in fact complement and enrich each other. At a time when third-, fourth- or fifth generation abstraction is viewed by some as losing its core spirit (or worse, purpose), the prints look for new vigor in this area through reconciliation of the two approaches to reality -- figurative reproduction and pure invention.

At the same time, the prints seek to exploit the special attributes of the particular medium of serigraphy to explore intersections between expressionism and craft. In this context, the prints consider ways in which a method requiring close and detailed workmanship (through the use of complex, hand-cut stencils and the detailed procedural protocols of silkscreening) can convey the sense of freedom and intuition sought by pure expression. In this sense, the prints are a vehicle for exploring the old question of the relationship between medium and message.

"Metaflora" opens March 10 and runs through April 7, 2007.

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