Natural Order
Works by Fred Lisaius and Margaret Francis

October 22 - November 29, 2011

Schomburg Gallery is pleased to present works by Fred Lisaius and Margaret Francis.

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Fred Lisaius Artist Statement
My paintings often explore transitional spaces like day turning to night or clear weather turning stormy. I utilize these shifting events to create drama and enhance a landscape where reality and the imagined coexist.

Experimenting with ideas and techniques are an important part of my time spent in the studio. I like to apply paint in different ways to see what kind of marks and textures I can achieve with each brush or tool. Sometimes the most beautiful marks are made with the most humble tools. The layers and marks on a painting add depth and give it a history.

I have always loved color. Color is like the spectrum of our emotions. It can be subtle, powerful, pure and complex. It can inspire and it can move people to elation or tears.

Intuition has played a larger role in my work over the past few years. I trust my intuition and rely on it to make decisions about all aspects of my paintings.

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