smc_ceramics too

June 23 through July 21, 2007

Schomburg Gallery is pleased to announce “Ceramics” an exhibition of ceramics by students, faculty and alumni of Santa Monica College. The artists whose work will be displayed include: Teresa Amanfu, Kit Bessenbacher, E. Tyler Burton, Ron Capri, Melissa Colton, Jeff Crum, Julie Easton, Dela Erickson, Tali Ilan, Stacey Kalkowski, Yumi Kiyose, Karen Lovett, Julie McDonald, Chi Miyamoto, Michiko Nakamura, Frank Phillips, Helen Schwarzkopf, Dona Snow, Lisa Zwarych and others.

The show will emphasize a variety of sculptural approaches to Ceramics with free standing works, wall hangings, plus mixed media and digital prints relating to Ceramics. A sampling of works can be previewed here.

Santa Monica College has constructed a Ceramic Arts facility at the West end of the Santa Monica Airport. This state of the art studio is over 2500 square feet. The recently remodeled Ceramic Arts facility of Santa Monica College has just completed its first year under the direction of newly hired Ceramics Professor, Franklyn Phillips.

The Ceramics Arts program at Santa Monica College is pleased to share the innovative ceramic art work of its students, faculty and alumni with the Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles community.

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