Tim Zinnemann

Following a long career in the film industry as Producer, Editor, Assistant Director and Production Manager, Tim Zinnemann has returned to his roots as a photographer. His primary career in films has been responsible for honing Zinnemannís skills as a photographer and has greatly influenced his style.

Some of Zinnemannís film credits include: The Pink Panther, Bullitt, The Great White Hope, Carnal Knowledge, The Day of the Dolphin, Smile, King of Marvin Gardens, The Cowboys, The Day of the Locust, Cinderella Liberty, Straight Time, The Jericho Mile (Emmy Award Winner), The Long Riders, Tex, Fandango, The Running Man, Pet Semetary, Street Fighter, Island of Dr. Moreau. In all, he has been involved in various capacities on over seventy films and has worked with such acclaimed actors as Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, Peter Sellars, David Niven, Gina Lollabrigida, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, George C. Scott, Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando to mention but a few. Tim is the son of Fred Zinneman, the four time Academy Award winning director of such films as High Noon, From Here to Eternity and A Man For All Seasons.